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The One Great Story of the Bible

Through 66 books and over 2000 years, the Bible tells one great story.

The story begins with the creation of God's perfect world, a world quickly spoiled by our sin. From Genesis 3, when sin first entered God's perfect world, to Revelation 20, when the last remnants of sin are rooted out, the Bible reveals God's great plan to renew and restore the world he made.

The first promise came in the garden, just after the first sin. But God's plan really began to gather momentum with Abraham. God chose this one man and his family, to be their God and the God of their children, and from them to bring blessing to all the world.

God kept his promises to Abraham: he made Abraham's descendants into a great nation and taught them how to love him through his law. God led them through the wilderness to their home, the land he promised. And God gave them leaders, to guide them into full enjoyment of all his blessings.

God also followed through on his warnings: The people and their leaders failed. God's prophets warned of judgment that must surely come and called leaders and people to return to God. Finally, the nation was destroyed and its people sent into exile.

But then the most amazing thing happened--sin and judgment were not the last word. God came to his people in their defeat and shame. He comforted them, restored them to their homes, and sent his Son to accomplish a final victory over sin. He then sent his church to all the nations with this good news. And, in the last book of the Bible, he gives us a glimpse of his world made perfect again.

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