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One Great Story: The Bible in a Weekend

Do you wish you knew the Bible better? Do you wish you could help others feel more at home in the Bible? This unique workshop may be just what you have been looking for.

The Bible is a big book--66 books, in fact. Because the Bible is so large, and set in a world so different from our own, many people feel lost in it. As a result, we dip into a few familiar passages (the gospels, some of the letters, some of the Psalms), but often avoid much of the Bible altogether.

But God has given us all of the Bible--to teach us about him, about ourselves, and about living in his world. When we skip part of the Bible, we miss out on much that we need to grow spiritually.

We need a framework for understanding the Bible. We need to see the big picture, and then to see how the different parts fit together and contribute toward the whole.

One Great Story: The Bible in a Weekend will provide you with a framework for understanding the Bible. Built around the central promise, "I will be your God and you will be my people," One Great Story shows how, from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells a single, wonderful story.

You will learn a chronological outline of key events (with dates), twelve key themes that recur throughout Scripture, and the locations of important places.

You will then place people, events, and teachings from each biblical book in the context of the whole story. You will also learn about the tabernacle and sacrifices, poetry and prophecy, the life and teachings of Jesus, and the growth of the church.

You'll come away encouraged by the greatness of God's grace. And you'll never look at your Bible the same way again.

It is also possible to focus a weekend on either the Old or New Testament. This allows a more relaxed pace and provides opportunity for a more thorough treatment, particularly of the New Testament.

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